Mishra Lawyer In India

  •  I Am Neha Mishra.

             I study In 12th Class.

             I Want Become a Police Officer.

             I Want to Be Proud of Myself and My Mother and Father.

              My Hobbies is reading books. 


  • My Father's Name is Rajeev Mishra. 


            My Father is Very Possible Good. 

            I Read My Father's New Talk Show.

            My Father is Very Intelligent. 

            My father me and my brother is reading

            My Father's Has His Own Bussiness in Cyber Word.


  • My Mother's  Name is Aarti Mishra.


          My mother is very rich sandy.
         she loves me and my brother.
         My mother does not ever get angry.
         My mother lives in my study is the verytension.
         She is House Wife.


  • My Brother's Name is Ramam Mishra.

         He Study in 11th Class.
         My brother is very good.
        When I attended my brother and me.
        My brother is very intelligent.
  • My Grand Father's Name is Dharamchand Mishra.

       My grandfather is a farmer.
       My grandfather lived in the village.
       My grandfather is very possible good.
      My grandfather loved me and all mybrother's.
      Me and my brother to my grandfather'slove
  • My Grand Mother's Name is Saroj Mishra.

     My grandmother is very very good.
     I love my grandma.
     My grandmother lives in village.
    My grandmother is coming to meet me.


Lawyers in India


The part of law practice in India is very different such as human right, international law, intellectual property law and environment law. There is very large number of demand for lawyers and lawyer’s job in India. The lawyers are very professional and very concern about the destiny of natural capital.  The lawyers can work only for filed of legal and regulatory issues relating to the natural resources such as air, water quality, hazardous waste management, toxic gas and transportation energy regulation etc. The lawyers are busy only with legal division and legal literary, legal assistance, real estate and property management. The main aim of lawyers is to provide equal treatment and judgment to every individual through legal process. They are the top most legal services industry in which they have group of well trained advocates and paralegals to provide effectively attend your legal matters. They are giving full efforts to preserve and maintenance of natural resources. The lawyers are very dedicated toward their job. There are different types of lawyers and their work profile such as Asbestos lawyers, Assault lawyers, car accident lawyers, bankruptcy lawyers, criminal lawyers. The Asbestos lawyers are those lawyers who stand for the clients experiencing health problems affected from asbestos particles, in which client can comprise under some level of exposure to small asbestos particles. The Assault lawyers are those lawyers who can handle various crime and criminal cases as well as civil assault cases. The criminal assault lawyers can be protecting individual who have been charge some kind of criminal attack.  The personal injury lawyers can be representing the victims for the recovery of damage for the physical injuries. The car accident lawyers are involved in vehicle crash. These lawyers are especially to help those victims affected by some kind of hit and run accident. The bankruptcy lawyers would be able to assist those people considering to filling bankruptcy, they can help to estimate situation and also provide best course of action before filling bankruptcy form. The criminal lawyers are one of the most popular lawyers in India. This types of actually has a most difficult job rather than other lawyers. They have to represent those individual who have been involved in some kind of crime. Other than these there are divorce lawyers, employment lawyers, fraud lawyers, medical malpractice lawyers, software lawyers, traffic lawyers, tax lawyers, litigation lawyers etc. These lawyers can be hiring by the people on an every day basis. These are making higher portion of legal marketing in India. There are many reputed institutes and Law Colleges in India that provide lawyer courses and opportunities of various lawyers jobs. Lawyers are only the person that involved in every legal matter. They are giving full justice to an individual in a legal way. They are representative of every individual to get back their reputation and property. So, the demand for lawyers is increasing day by day in India. 
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